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KUPER KFL Ergofoil

KUPER KFL Ergofoil –
A film wrapping machine 
with a patented operating concept.

The film drive at the bottom with the sealing bar and film clamping unit as well as the pressure beam with the film clamping unit can easily be moved out of the working area. The pedestal and film swivel arm ensure an ergonomic work procedure.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Ergonomic film change, outside of the working area

  • For systems with multiple stations for different film widths, film changes and maintenance work can be carried out during active production

  • Reduction of make-ready times

  • Greater piece range with heights up to 1000 mm

  • Ergonomic work procedures through a film lifting device and pedestal for an easy film change

Drawer with film roll

A practical drawer system makes it possible to thread the bottom film outside of the working area.

Pressure beam, top

Pressure beam in film change position outside of the working area.

KUPER KFL Ergofoil

Fully automatic film wrapping machine for length-independent packaging of products of various sizes and dimensions. The packages pass through a film curtain created by the machine, consisting of a bottom and a top film. Suitable for 4-sided packaging in packaging bands up to a 6-sided full wrapping (in conjunction with a shrinking tunnel and/or optional side sealing). Suitable for film thicknesses of 30 - 120 µm. Depending on the requirements, additional stations (e.g. for use of  different film reel widths) can be added to the machine.

  • High-performance, temperature-controlled double-strip film sealing system:
    > ideal sealing results for different film thicknesses and cycle times.

  • Fully automatic opening and closing of the film curtain with mechanical cutting of the film using a driven knife carriage. Incl. finger guard and film clamping.                      
  • Ergonomic film change outside of the working area with significantly reduced make-ready times – High-effort film threading within the machine is no longer required.

  • Film change and maintenance work during active production 
    (For several KFL-Ergofoil stations linked in line and an optional pedestal)

  • Top and bottom film unwinding station can be reversed:  
    > facilitates quick and easy wind-up of remaining film.  
  • Bottom station with user-friendly drawer system:
    > Easy access for quick changing of the film reel outside of the machine frame.
  • Automatic detection of the film reel end - display through visual signal.

  • Numerous options.

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.