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Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance

Save valuable time with the KUPER remote maintenance services. Our service technicians can take care of possible problems using the internet access of your woodworking machine – remotely but extremely effectively.

Increased flexibility: Remote maintenance

by KUPER service technicians. 


Detailed inspection and long-term servicing of your machine sounds like a good plan. We can do it for you. Remote maintenance by our highly trained team reduces time-consuming and expensive machine downtime by allowing us to take immediate action so that you can carry on with production as quickly as possible.

All you need is internet access. We use the securely encrypted access to your KUPER woodworking machines via a virtual private network. We offer two variants.

Remote maintenance for woodworking machines

without industrial PC

VPN connection via a router as a secure tunnel link between the KUPER service technician and your machine

  • Set-up of the machine by the technician after machine installation
Individual remote control for servicing purposes

    with industrial PC

    • Remote maintenance via TeamViewer (software program)
    • Easy to set up, no special IT know-how required
    • Individual TeamViewer program start for servicing purposes