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Production of parquet core by using the proven glue thread technology – KUPER Glue Thread Type 7880X

composer for parquet cores

Composer for parquet cores in thicknesses of 6 – 14 mm used by using the proven Glue Thread technology from KUPER. Machine for efficient composing of wood lamellas which are used as parquet core layer.
The innovative heating system and the KUPER Plytape 7880X guarantee a strong bonding and a solid layer.

The individual wood lamellas are placed on an  accumulating conveyor. The feeding can be done manually or automatically. When the required length of wood lamellas is reached, the joining process is released by a foot switch. The accumulated wood lamellas are tightly transported through the composing zone.
The variably arranged heaters are applying the glue thread from top and from bottom.
The number of glue threads and the arrangement from top or from bottom can be configured as required.
The pressure roller with automatic release agent supply is pressing the glue thread onto the surface and the solid layer can be removed from the outfeed conveyor. The feeding as well as the removal can be done manually or automatically. The operation is starting again when the required length is accumulated on the conveyor and the start impulse is released.

openTechnical data KUPER CVX 600

Working width320 – 600 mm
Veneer thickness6 – 14 mm
Width of raw material20 – 100 mm
Number of heatersconfigurable, max. 2 top & 2 bottom
Distance of heatersmin. 160 mm
Length of finished product600 mm – max. 3.000 mm (optional up to 4.000 mm)
Feed speed10 – 60 m/min.



  • Manual or automatic feeding and removal
  • Tight joints by using the KUPER Glue Thread 7880X
  • Innovative heating and pressure roller system
  • Variable adjustment of heaters
  • Heaters from top and bottom
  • Automatic release agent supply for all pressure rollers
  • Adjustment and reading of all production parameters via touch panel
  • Variable production parameters
    - Feeding speed of accumulating conveyor
    - Feeding speed of composing
    - Temperature of heaters
    - Pressure of heaters
    - Pressure of pressure rollers

Feeding of wood lamellas

onto the accumulating conveyor. Variable adjustment of working width.

Tight composing

by synchronized drives and fine adjustment of all parameters.

Large control panel

for controlling and monitoring of all production parameters.

Optimized production process

The individual wood lamellas are placed  onto the accumulating conveyor. When the required length is reached, the joining process starts.

Additional technical data upon request. Illustrations may contain options. Additional components such as control cabinets, safety facilities e.g. are maybe not shown. Subject to design modification.